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My Drawer Runnth Over


I should apologize as I had abandoned my original website and left my readers hanging, but I am not going to. For you see, I am so happy to be back to blogging and sharing not only my current work, but some past accomplishments.  I also will be telling you of  the amazing work and support of so many talented people I currently find in my world.

Since I last blogged, I have survived cancer and covid, had multiple rejections from agents of my book about Martha Washington, had my website revamped, joined WFWA (Women Fictions Writers Association), started and almost finished my third book (or is it my fourth?) , fallen in love with Zoom,  and had a short story actually published in the Chicken Soup for the Soul book, “Believe in Angels”.

So, what has me back on the blogging wagon? It is the great desire to connect with as many of you as possible regarding the book that I’ve almost finished and hope to launch in 2023.  Whether I self-publish or go through an agent, I am anxious to bring as many of you into my process by sharing about the book as well as the journey I must take to get it into as many hands as possible. 

The book? Well, let me tell you a bit of background first. I had written and finished Reluctant Greatness, the story of Martha Washington and her husband, George. Since finishing the book, I’ve realized it needs a great deal of editing. However, in the meantime, I started writing, Call Me Eliza, the story of one of Martha’s granddaughters. Well, one day, while taking a break from writing and dinging around on, I discovered that my great grandmother was born in Ireland, her parents died there, and she, an orphan,  sailed  to America in 1860, alone.  She was fourteen. The woman later died in an institution for the insane.   My heavens!. There is a story here. Grandmother Ann Lynch would not leave me alone.  Eliza went by the wayside, much as she did during her life, and my Grandma obsession took over.

And yes, Eliza, I plan on getting back to you as soon as Martha is officially complete and on its way to real bookshelves.  

So, there in my drawer lies an early written children’s story, a novel about our first, first lady, and a first-person story told by a famous granddaughter about the early days of Washington, D.C.   Oh, yes. I almost forgot about a small little picture book of simple shapes and colors waiting for something

My drawer does overflow, and I refuse to ever let my grandmother be shoved in there. There’s  just  not enough room.

My book about my grandmother is tentatively titled The Castles of Ann Lynch. It starts in Dublin, just after the potato famine, and unlike every other novel I have read set in that place and time, the family does not live on a farm and evicted, but live in down-town Dublin, on Aunguir Street, where they can see the Dublin Castle and walk easily to Trinity College. Are they rich? Oh, my no, but they are warm, have just enough food, a solid roof over their heads, and are blissfully happy. Well, let’s just say, that is how the story begins. It does become much more exciting, trust me.

I wish to thank Lisa  Murray who designed my first website and did a beautiful job. The task of re-vamping it has gone to Sierra Janisse, a writer and web designer who is closely connected with my writing group.

Huge bouquets go that writing group, The Town Square Writers, who continually give feedback, encouragement, criticism, and laughter year after year. I would have no book without this group.

A special rose from that bouquet goes to Betty Lucke, our long-time leader who has gotten the group through covid, floods, learning to unmute, all the while helping many actually get a book or two out there onto the shelves.  She will have a book coming out probably this spring, the fourth in her Circle Sleuth series.  More on that as her launch date approaches.

Also, a rose goes to Margaret Lucke, who participates in my small critique group weekly, even when she is writing great mysteries, teaching college classes through UC Davis and participating on panels all over the internet on writing her mysteries. Her Claire Scanlan Haunted House Mystery series is fantastic. My first read into the paranormal, but I can’t wait for her next one to come out.

I wish to thank the ladies in the Historical Fiction Writers, a zoom subgroup of WFWA . Our discussions and wonderful guest speakers are so informative and encouraging. Thanks to them and to Zoom for making it possible.

I want to tell anyone who I know who has simply asked me how the book was going that I am so appreciative of you even remembering I am writing. Thank you for your interest and your encouragement. Each of you is very special to me.

I want to express my thanks to my family for being so supportive. I know not all writers have that kind of support behind them,  a true gift,  and I find it invaluable.

But the biggest hug and thanks goes to my husband, Richard Potts, who is my greatest fan. He really believes in me and nothing could mean more to me than that.

Next month I will share a bit more about The Castles of Ann Lynch.

Meanwhile, may this spring find you healthy, happy, and prosperous.



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