Historical fiction through eyes of women who lived American history.

Author Cheryl Potts specializes in early American historical fiction.

Cheryl’s books bring to light the history that may have bored you while suffering through your high school history classes. Retold through exquisite research and stunning character arcs, these very real stories will capture your imagination as you traverse real, yet altogether different, times of the past.

Cheryl writes from Northern California where she lives with her husband, Richard, and dog, Katie. 

History is not about dates on a blackboard to be memorized, but about real people, passion, love, lowly schemes and mighty goals.

cheryl potts

Upcoming Novels

The Castles Of Anne Lynch

Back of cover “blurb” hook for Martha’s story Back of cover “blurb” hook for Martha’s story Back of cover “blurb” hook for Martha’s story Back of cover “blurb” hook for Martha’s story Back of cover “blurb” hook for Martha’s story

The Castles Of Ann Lynch

Ann Lynch, as a young child, learns how to survive on the streets of famine-torn Ireland following the Great Hunger Time of the late 1840s. Her homelessness ends but is followed by seven years enduring the heartlessness and unjust treatment within the bleak, cold, gray walls of the North Dublin Workhouse. 

At age fourteen, Ann, now orphaned, sets sail for  America in search of a better life…

Reluctant Greatness

If there had not been a Martha Washington, you would never have heard of George.

Less than five feet tall, the rich Martha Dandridge Custis falls in love with the tall, charismatic, famer, and changes history. All she wants is a loving home for her two children, a warm fire, a fine kitchen in which to bake her cakes and a reliable rocking chair to knit in. But the man wants more…

Cheryl's Writings

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