Historical fiction through eyes of women who lived American history.

Day by Day

It honestly feels like I have been working on getting my book published for years now. Perhaps that is because it has been years. Writing, editing, writing, changing, writing, resting, getting cancer, writing, giving up, and rewriting. And all the while there have been those of you who continuously ask how the book is going. “How far along is it?” “How many chapters will it be?” “When will you publish it?” “I can’t wait to read it.”

To each of you who have asked or commented, I thank you, for your interest in my project has encouraged me to keep going. The steps are many. I so wish it was simply a matter of writing, Just sitting in my computer room and writing as the words come, but as strange as it may sound, writing is just a small part of writing. And admittedly, the most fun.

I am getting the manuscript very close to ready to be sent to an agent. I am reading it one more time in an attempt to perfect it. Yes, I said perfect, as any thing less is not worth sending. 

I have an agent picked out. One agent–putting all my eggs in one lovely basket. Were this said agent foolishly to decide my book is not right for him, I will only spend a short period of time in deep depression, then go to plan B, Oh, know I have lovely little baskets hidden all over the place and will not hesitate to use any of them if needed. 

Many of my writing friends have chosen to self-publish. I know that due to the contents of my book, telling the story of the life of Martha Washington, the book should do well in places like Virginia, Mount Vernon’s gift shop, Philadelphia’s book stores, Washington, DC., high schools and colleges. I know not how to distribute a book in such  places. So I wish to use an agent to find a publisher who knows how.

I have a family camp trip coming up, and back yard neighborhood party to be held in our backyard, and a panel presentation to prepare for a writer’s day at our public library. Somewhere in there I will finish my Super Edit and send my book away to New York with shaky hands and a fervent prayer.  I promise to keep you posted of my progress and of my new agent’s exuberant acceptance of Reluctant Greatness



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