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The journey to this point, my own blog, has been long and rocky. Writing a book, completing that book, starting a blog, and searching for the right agent are  difficult tasks for me. There is comfort in using my age as an excuse for being slow at these things, but I shall not do that. No, not my age, but admit that it is fear. Fear of failure. What if no one likes my book? What if it gets published and gets bad reviews? What if my blog is of no interest to anyone? What if my dream agent rejects my query letter? What if I go to get a bowl of cereal and am out of milk? 

The “what ifs” in life can keep us awake at night or, instead, be labeled as challenges we can choose to overcome. Step by step, figuring out my next move, identifying my procrastination as coping with that fear, then, with trembling heart, moving forward. 

I am going to use this blog to keep you informed of my process and progress. More about where I am and where I plan to go with my book, Reluctant Greatness,  will be the contents of my next blog. One of my next challenges is to learn how to add a picture or two. Just words can be so boring. I know it’s simple. but at my age . . .

Would love to hear from you. Thanks for reading!



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